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Our Story

There once was a girl who loved to twirl. Whether it was a twirly dress or a twirly skirt – it had to be totally twirly. Not just sort of twirly, or mostly twirly, but the very twirliest of all. And the only thing that would make the most twirliest of skirts and dresses even better - if there were two of them! Our adorable little spinning girl dreamed of a magical dress that she could turn inside out and have a whole new dress or skirt! So, we here at Spinning Tales, took on the task of meeting this absolutely delightful twirly girl’s wish. And we succeeded - with the most perfect reversible twirly dress! The original twirly girl in our story has sparked joy and happiness in girls all over the globe – in lands far far away. And we couldn't be happier – she is dizzy with joy, and so are we.

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