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For the Girl Who Loves to Twirl . . . FREE SHIPPING always on everything!

Our Story

There once was a girl who loved to twirl. Whether it was a dress or a skirt – it had to totally twirl. Not just a little twirl but the most twirl of all. So, we here at Spinning Tales, took on the task of meeting this absolutely delightful little girl’s wish. And we succeeded with the best twirl dress ever! We gave our adorable spinning girl a magical dress and skirt that she could turn inside out and have a whole new outfit! As beautiful on the inside as out, just like her. The original spinning girl in our story has sparked joy and happiness in girls all over the globe – in lands far, far away. And we couldn't be happier – she is dizzy with joy, and so are we.

Our Commitment to Quality

At Spinning Tales, we have a firm commitment to providing the very best childrens apparel. We pay close attention to what parents and children want - clothing that is comfortable, beautiful, easy to clean, and fun to wear. With Spinning Tales, her favorite outfit is appropriate for every occasion, every day. Spinning Tales clothing is not costume-wear or dress-up, but rather beautiful, well-crafted childrenswear that is as well-suited for a special occasion as it is for the playground. We source only the highest quality fabrics and work with the most dedicated team of people. A strong belief in supporting our local and domestic economy keeps Spinning Tales proudly MADE IN USA of imported and domestic fabrics. Quality over quantity is the rule - we pay fair prices and wages which affects the pricing of our clothes - and it's worth it. A Spinning Tales outfit is not forgotten in the back of her closet, it is the outfit she will wear and love most.

Spinning Tales is Upfront